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Welcome to Heaths Countryside Corridor!
Welcome to the HCC website. Have a look around!

Heaths Countryside Corridor is a local community project that relies on local interest and management. It was born out of a desire to provide places for local people to go and for wildlife to thrive and the group now owns three sites in the Lenham Heath and Charing Heath area.
We hope that the local community enjoys visiting our three sites and being involved in the various activites and events we organise each year.
The objects of the Heaths Countryside Corridor are "to conserve and enhance, for the benefit of the public, the natural beauty and habitats of the Greensand belt area around Charing and Lenham and to educate the public in all matters relating to the natural and physical environment and its conservation and protection".

Get Involved!

If you'd like to find out more or help out with any of our activities including archeological digs,
guided walks, wildlife events, crafts, site management, training courses, behind the
scenes organisation and more, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Latest News

A Time for Reflection

It's not often that I get the time to just take a wander around a site and spend time thinking about the management of an area and whether it is actually working as desired. Fortunately, this was the case yesterday when I spent a fascinating hour or so at Hurst Wood. Over the winter the HCC volunteers spent several days in Hurst Wood doing small scale coppicing and creating rides and glades within the areas of young trees adjacent to the ancient woodland part of Hurst Wood. In the cold and wet of winter it is sometimes difficult to imagine what it is that you are trying to achieve bit on a sunny afternoon in early summer the reasons become abundantly clear.

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When walking through the woods it was easy to see where we had worked as bright shafts of sunlight penetrated the dense canopy creating areas of bright sunshine where the herbaceous plants had been having a field day in their newfound sheltered glades and rides. Pyramidal orchids, which have never been recorded on the site before, were just one of the plants enjoying these conditions along with red campion, foxgloves and many others. The sheltered conditions also gave rise to clouds of butterflies including the marbled white, gatekeeper and meadow brown.

It just goes to show how the efforts of volunteers with hand tools can really make a difference to a small woodland like this. The next job is to create a management plan that will devise a coppicing regime for the ancient woodland that will stop the woodland being so dark and increase the amount of flowering food plants for the resident dormice without taking drastic action that will impact severely on the existing animals. Oh...and then there's just the small matter of finding somebody to implement the management plan. Exciting and challenging times ahead.

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A Sweetly Watered Place

HCC have a new leaflet! This one explains the history of Chilston park and how it has now become a nature reserve for local people. Click on the picture to take a closer look at all of our site based leaflets.

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Heaths Countryside Corridore

Charity No: 1097080 Company No: 4504311

This project has been made possible by the enormous help of the Rail Link Countryside Initiative (David Standen), Mid-Kent Downs Project (Sally Evans, Mike Phillips), Kentish Stour Countryside Project (Debbie Adams) and Kent Wildlife Trust (Neil Coombes) to whom we are very grateful.


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MBC Ashford Borough Council

Our Supporters

We are particularly grateful to the following supporters of the Heaths Countryside Corridor. If you’d like a link to your company to appear here, become a Corporate Member of HCC!

AJ & NM Carr Ltd (Coach company)
Pivington Mill, Pluckley, Tel: 01233 840651

CL2 (Hairdresser)
Cranbrook, 01580 715456, enquiries@cl2.co.uk, www.cl2.co.uk

Grafty Green Gardening Club

JKW Alexander Ltd (local farm)
Sandway, 01622 858348, kennethalexander@btconnect.com

Lenham Ironmongers Ltd (Household Stores)
Lenham, 01622 858286

Sharen Cain (certified accountant)
Lenham Heath, 01622 851851, sharen.cain@btconnect.com

The White Horse (Traditional Brithish & Authentic Mexican Cuisine)
Sandway, 01622 859511,  www.the-white-horse.com

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